Etoile des neiges by Beaba

Etoile des neiges by Beaba

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If you have a happy mother or a brothel mother around you, that is to say a woman about to give birth and aware of all the hype tendencies due to her status as a blogger, I immediately have a thought for you because it doesn't have to be easy every day. So, in my great leniency, I told myself that I was going to help you, for example by giving you an idea for Christmas for these ladies so demanding. Beaba has just renewed the design of its best-of products for a limited edition Christmas 2010.

Babycook limited edition Christmas 2010

Personally I have never thought of taking my Babycook for a walk, already half the time I forget the baby's bottle then the babycook… Babycook limited edition Christmas 2010, sold with the matching Babycook Bag, 149 €

Baby bottle Beaba limited edition Christmas 2010

So before they hit me, these bottles are not for the child but for the mother. And then it can be hot water. Baby bottle Beaba limited edition Christmas 2010, € 8

Christmas 2010 limited edition bottle drainer

Again, if breastfeeding, I think this utensil can serve as a dryer for body or washable diapers, educational game for newborn or perverse diversion helmet (you put that on your head, you breastfeed in a public place, no risk of a man looking at your breasts, he will be obsessed with your hat). Drain bottles limited edition Christmas 2010, 30 € After all that, if they are not happy, you tell them that it is an idea of ​​Electroméninges, the most influential blog of the household appliance blogosphere. Sure it will nail them!


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