The capiton always keeps the colors high!

The capiton always keeps the colors high!

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As much as the capitons embarrass us on the beauty side, as much on the decoration side, they sublimate a decor in a jiffy. Whether real or fake, like on a sticker, the material effect is always stunning and brings a glamorous or very chic touch to a room according to the colors declined. Chantal Thomass spirit in pink and black for a very glam boudoir-style universe, or inspiration so British and delightfully masculine for the padding of the timeless patinated skin Chesterfield or the rock spirit in red and black, as we can see, the padding has fun with colors and it is the colors that give it style! A timeless motif, therefore, that appeals to designers for its adaptability: Koziel turns it away from the trompe-l'oeil headboard, Acrila dedicates a range of plexi and quilted chairs and tables to it, and Blofield reinterprets the Chesterfield, which becomes inflatable . On the material side, it goes just as well with velvet, as very shiny skai, translucent materials and digital printing: effect of contrast and light guaranteed on the stickers.


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