Video: dress your bed with a Liberty headboard

Video: dress your bed with a Liberty headboard

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Style your bed by making a headboard from a plywood board and a few scraps of Liberty fabric. You are ready to have sweet dreams with your head in the little flowers of the fields! Level : EasyCompletion time : 1 hour Indicative cost : 52.60 euros Necessary material : - 1 plywood board - 5 scraps of Liberty fabric - 1 square of fleece - 1 staplerSteps : - Place the fleece on the board. - Staple the fleece behind the board. - Position the different fabrics on the board. - Staple them by folding the edges. - Iron the fabrics. The most decorative : To properly frame your bed, extend the board 20 cm on each side. Creation Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi


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