Zoom on the office storage for the start of the school year

Zoom on the office storage for the start of the school year

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Tidying up and organizing your workspace requires rigor and suitable accessories. D&CO takes stock of the essentials of a tidy office, to work with pleasure throughout the year. 3, 2, 1… Sort!

Organize, sort and hide

For a tidy (and organized!) Office, it is first necessary to invest in the right accessories, starting with the basics: pencil holder, sorter, drawer unit and storage boxes. Treat yourself to the storage material by choosing it coordinated and original, you will only have more fun using it every day. Also remember to sort your papers regularly, label and number your pockets: this organization will save you a lot of time afterwards. Recycling fans will be able to stack various boxes and cases on the desk, like the postal sorting furniture of yesteryear: a fun and vintage way to tidy up your workspace!

Invest the walls

The wall surface adjoining your desk is to be exploited as much as possible: attach shelves, baskets and various modules to create additional storage spaces. It's up to you to transform this surface to make it original and design! The new shelves, with their amazing shapes (snail, zigzag ...), allow you to store a maximum of objects while bringing the decorative touch to your workspace. Note also the invisible shelves which give the illusion of levitating books: impressive!