Introduce children to decoration with doll houses

Introduce children to decoration with doll houses

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Whether you are an adult or a child, doll houses are always a dream! The Swedish brand Lundby presents meticulous models that are aimed as much at collectors as at little girls. A miniature house where you can express your decorative desires is possible with Lundby's creations, real realistic models that follow with precision and thoroughness the evolution of our lifestyles and styles of the house. The pavilions are even equipped with electric lighting! From a very young age, little girls will be able to develop a pronounced taste for decoration. Like mom, they will have the leisure to change decoration according to their desires because the brand regularly launches new ranges of furniture and accessories. The accessories catalog already includes 75 kits to decorate your little house in a trendy way. All you have to do is choose between the atmosphere of a traditional pavilion with the Smaland model and the arty / design inspiration from Stockholm. Lundby in traditional toy stores and Bon Marché.


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