A vintage decor for the children's room

A vintage decor for the children's room

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Because the little ones are also entitled to a sharp decoration like that of their parents, the brands which offer a vintage and playful design for children are multiplying…

Laurette: vintage sweetness for children

Laurette suggests that all parents create rooms with a history for their children. With her unique collections of vintage furniture and decor for children, Laure Bailleux, the decorator restores colors and softness to childhood through the bedroom. Timeless, functional and easy to customize, its furniture is for all children full of imagination. Wood and metal desk, bean-shaped table, elephant leg bed, travel trailer bed ... all inspired by retro-design from the 40s and 50s. There is something for everyone and all in all colors which range from chocolate to mouse gray to old rose. And recently, Laurette launched a range for adults! Not jealous !

Jungle by Jungle, vintage furniture just for kids

The children's furniture brand Jungle by Jungle was created by Sabrina Colas, interior designer from Rennes. Anxious to offer functional and quality furniture for children, beautiful and design, it is inspired by the memory of a grandfather working wood in his workshop ... Jungle by Jungle furniture mix vintage spirit and contemporary lines, soft and rounded .

A vintage Jungle by Jungle desk that almost makes you want to do your homework!

Fresh and Vintage: vintage bohemian for happy children

The creators of Fresh and Vintage loved to hunt for themselves, for friends and family. And, in 2010, their daughter was born. From there, the bargain-hunting couple goes in search of vintage furniture for children… and in 2011 created the Fresh and Vintage store! Since then, the shop has also offered beautiful vintage pieces new products in the Scandinavian spirit ... What find the armchair or rattan bed you dream of for your little one's bedroom!

The vintage bohemian rattan bed from Fresh and Vintage