A new collection of beach towels at Sonia Rykiel

A new collection of beach towels at Sonia Rykiel

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Fashion is also on the linens! The big names in fashion also have home collections. Sonia Rykiel offers bed linen but also bath sheets and beach towels. The new Spring-Summer 2010 towel collection is adorned with graphic patterns and multicolored stripes for a colorful summer. Sonia Rykiel has given each towel a poetic and evocative name which corresponds to each motif. "Nuit d'Amour" is a striped beach towel in shades of pink and purple, while "Saint Germain" takes up the designer's multicolored stripes. And for midnight baths, "Full Moon" is adorned with flowers on a striped background, taupe and ecru color. A collection of towels that make you want to get wet! From 98 euros On sale at Printemps, Galeries Lafayette and Bon Marché


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