The Roland Garros room for children by Gautier

The Roland Garros room for children by Gautier

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The specialist in fitting out and furniture for children's bedrooms has just released a Tennis collection for juniors. They will be able to show their passion for the little yellow ball on clay without complexes. A fun and functional collection that is played on a clay court! It is a complete collection of furniture that the budding Nadals will be able to display in their bedroom: a bed with rounded angles fitted with a tennis net on the foot of the bed serving as storage; a chest of 3 drawers and a block of 2 drawers mounted on castors, two-tone white and clay, with a yellow tennis ball as a handle; finally, an office and a library, always available in the emblematic colors of the land of Roland Garros, keep the little yellow ball as a handle as a common thread. Favorite for the two models of locker rooms, inspired by sports lockers, earth or white colors; like the real ones, they close with a padlock. A collection not to be missed obviously for tennis fans! Note that Gautier uses in the manufacture of its furniture panels derived from wood with low VOC emissivity, lacquers without solvents and paints without heavy metals. Gautier Tennis Collection, reader service: 0810 638


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