Thermography to save energy

Thermography to save energy

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Established on the initiative of certain town halls, thermography is a kind of radiography of your home which tracks poor insulation. The objective: to carry out ultra-targeted work in order to limit energy losses, and therefore to lighten its portfolio.

How does thermography work?

Thermography is a map of a city and its buildings in order to locate poorly insulated buildings and heat loss. To do this, a helicopter takes "photographs" using an infrared camera which bring out explicit color codes: blue for the parts of the buildings that are best insulated, red for the parts that are the least well insulated.

What is thermography for?

Set up by town halls -Châlons-en-Champagne, Troyes, Reims, Gap, Aubagne, Marseille or Dunkirk have already done so - thermography collects data which can then be viewed by everyone. A specialist is on call at the town hall, with whom you can make an appointment. He will explain the points of poor insulation in your home and suggest work to you in order to improve energy performance. Another interesting point: the specialist will inform you of the various tax credits or reduced rate VAT to which you are entitled. Appointment : An information day on infrared thermography of cities takes place on May 6 in Paris in the 15th. More info on (national metrology and testing laboratory).