Giant ferns from Australia land at Terra Botanica in France

Giant ferns from Australia land at Terra Botanica in France

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The dinosaurs will be served! Hundreds of tree ferns (Dicksonia antartica) from Australia and descendants of the Jurassic arrived on Friday morning March 26 in Vendée to be acclimatized in greenhouses before their departure in the whole of France. 130 million years ago, their leaves were used as daily food for dinosaurs. Today it is cities, theme parks and individuals who love it. Measuring for the oldest (several hundred years old) more than 5 meters in height, these rare specimens amazed last year 500,000 visitors to the International Floralies of Nantes. It should be the same for the hundreds of thousands of visitors expected from April 10 at Terra Botanica in Anjou in the first European theme park dedicated to plants. The Dicksonia antartica is a tree fern, that is to say that it has a trunk. It is its own rhizome (or root) which gives it this broad trunk. It is the most famous tree fern in France thanks to its fairly good resistance to cold in our regions. In their region of origin, like Australia, these plants are found in humid pine forests. No deforestation results from the extraction of these ferns; they all have a numbered certificate issued by the department of Victoria (Australia). Find advice from professionals Damien and Benoît Ripaud for tree ferns on the Pépinières Ripaud website.


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