Bathroom cabinets

Bathroom cabinets

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In the bathroom, there are essential elements: bathtub, sink but we must not forget the equally important bathroom cabinet. The bathroom cabinet, a classic in the bathroom, is most of the time above the sink and has a mirror for easy preparation. A sort of shelf that closes, it allows you to store the products that you use every day: makeup, deodorant, toothbrush and other creams ... A good solution to have everything at hand which is above all a real space saving. When the doors are covered with a mirror, the cabinet uses a space which would be lost anyway if a traditional mirror was used. We find all kinds: rectangular, oval, with one, two or three doors… enough to suit all your needs. Most, some are even equipped with a very practical lighting for the makeup of women and the shaving of men. Our favorite: the Vertigo bathroom cabinet (45 euros) which has a mirror swiveling on a steel axis and which hides shelves where to store his favorite products. Discover our selection:


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