Basque stripes for a festive atmosphere

Basque stripes for a festive atmosphere

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We knew the Jean Vier and Artiga brands, specialists in Basque household linen. But for this summer of 2010, the craze for the famous stripes characteristic of the southwest of France is general. Back on a centuries-old tradition… What characterizes the famous Basque stripes and distinguishes them from ordinary bayadères? The width of the stripes ! But to better understand these patterns in the southwest, you have to take a leap in time. Originally, Basque stripes came from the agricultural world. Landowners covered their oxen and horses with a sheet, the saïal, to protect them from the sun. And to mark the geographical belonging, the saïals used the traditional stripes of the seven regions of the Basque country , namely Vitoria, Pamplona, ​​Bilbao, Bayonne, Saint Jean Pied de port, Saint Sebastien and Mauleon (the delimitation of the Basque regions is subject to caution…) extending over France and Spain on either side of Pyrenees. Each "region" was differentiated by the width of its stripes . Those of Bilbao were of the same width, unlike those of the Espelette region of very diverse width for example. Basque linen is traditionally made of linen , which the region has produced for centuries. Today, two competitors share the Basque linen market: Jean Vier and Artiga. Each takes on the traditional stripes by adding a touch of modernity thanks to a wide variety of colors and cotton , more practical than linen for the "stain-resistant" side ... (However, we still find tablecloths and tea towels made of linen as is tradition) The Basque stripes bring a festive and friendly side which has not gone unnoticed ... Many large brands also offer household linen and accessories inspired by Basque stripes. . So… the choice is yours!


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