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The collection style

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Are you the type to throw nothing away and prefer flea markets to department stores? In this case, the collection style motif has something to seduce you. Less bulky than real collections, this decor allows you to surround yourself with your favorite objects in patterns while accessorizing your interior. Here is a decorative selection that will delight collectors whether they are lovers of stamps or plates.

Stamp collection

It is not the collection that takes up the most space, but it is quite difficult to highlight. If you like the stamp motif, get inspired with the world of post. For example, at Blomingville, there are cushions called La Poste (€ 17.90) and Lettre Paris (€ 19.90) which are like letters to put on your sofa. Have an English breakfast with a stamp mug (€ 11.60) at Gift Republic. And because stamps above all evoke travel, escape with the ocean liner at Maisons du monde (€ 39) as a giant letter to display on its walls.

Plate collection

No need to cheat this time because the plate collections are back in force in the decor, with the difference that it is no longer a question of highlighting your travel plates but staging them like real paintings . You can play with color effects but also play in an offbeat tone by placing plates with kitsch patterns on your wall. And if you fear breakage, choose the wallpaper by Studio Ditte (80 €) which imitates a collection of porcelain plates.


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