Kitchen Bazaar settles in La Défense

Kitchen Bazaar settles in La Défense

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For its 12th boutique in France and its 8th in Ile de France, Kitchen Bazaar has seen big. 249 square meters are now open to the public at CNIT de la Défense in Paris since January 18, 2010. Kitchen Bazaar, contrary to what one might think, is a French brand created in 1967. Originally, it offered high-end kitchen utensils, generally in black and white. But in recent years, the brand has opened up to a wider audience thanks to very contemporary ranges. As a result, prices have gradually fallen and utensils have been modernized thanks tobringing colors among others. Since January 18, Kitchen Bazaar has been offering new services in its new store. So a demonstration area "live", offers visitors to discover the products and their use. The staff, trained in various culinary technologies, advises and helps customers in their purchases. In addition, three screens continuously broadcast advice and tips for cooking. Finally,the knife, cooking and textile departments have been considerably enlarged . And on the internet, the Kitchen Bazaar site has been revamped and revamped, offering video advice, in addition to the online store.


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