Eco-friendly stickers for switches

Eco-friendly stickers for switches

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The creators of the HU2 brand offer a collection of four stickers which, in addition to being fun, make us responsible from an ecological point of view. Here are four new smart stickers, to be affixed in particular around wall outlets and switches. They humorously illustrate hypothetical situations explaining the origins of supplying the house with electricity. They are called SHR (for Sustainable Habit Reminders), that is to say, Recalls of Ecological Habits. These stickers, for example, depict a hamster pedaling in its wheel, a lightning rod kite or a forest of wind turbines. In black and white, they stand out well on the wall. But if these wall illustrations catch the eye, it is also a reminder to turn off the light when leaving the room!

It is by analyzing the habits and small troubles encountered in everyday life at home that the designers of HU2 find their creative ideas. They thus create strong visual calls around the things which surround us and which one no longer notices. Green decor that puts us face to face with our responsibilities! Price: € 26.50 the 40 x 37 cm sticker.

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