Gustavian style, between sweetness and romance….

Gustavian style, between sweetness and romance….

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Originally from Sweden, the Gustavian style nevertheless has French origins! And it was the king of Sweden Gustave III who, at the end of the 18th century, created this romantic and elegant style. Traveling to the court of Louis XVI, Gustave III fell under the spell of the interior of the palaces and decided to import this style to Sweden. But the economic situation being less prosperous in Sweden than in France, the Gustavian furniture is stripped of gilding and other French arabesques for a more simple and refined style. In a spirit functional , the Swedes paint this furniture to be able to change the color to suit them. Blue, yellow, pink and gray are the typical colors of the Gustavian style, always pastel . Then theinfluence of Italy is felt thanks to the discoveries of ancient ancient palaces. Then come into the houses the marble columns and statues, whether real or trompe-l'oeil. Today, the Gustavian style is making a comeback. Gustavian furniture indeed adapts to all styles of habitats. Contemporary achievements are often white and refined . This style brings light and softness… and it feels good!


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