A greenhouse with recovery windows

A greenhouse with recovery windows

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Grow plants even in winter! Using salvage materials, build a greenhouse to keep your plants sheltered from the weather all year round. With old windows, the American site offers us to build a greenhouse at a lower cost. According to its producer, this greenhouse costs 10% of the price of the commercial one.

Necessary material :

-Of old recovery windows. They can be the same or different dimensions, whatever - Large wooden battens to make the structure of the greenhouse - Gravel for the greenhouse floor - Sheet metal and / or windows for the ceiling - White paint for the exterior. -Hinges to build hinged doors -Of silicone sealant type insulation -A drill -Ankles and screws with suitable dimensions -Shelves or small storage units

The course of operations:

-step 1: Arrange the windows by working on the ground to obtain two panels of the same size twice to make the four sides of the facade. -step 2: Using the cleats make four frames to accommodate the windows. -step 3: Dig the soil to the dimensions of the future greenhouse to a depth of 20 to 30 centimeters and fix the frames of the facades. -step 4: Fix the structure in the ground by making simple foundations. You can bury the sections of the facade in 30 centimeters of earth and pour concrete around it. If you're not in the mood for concrete, tamp down vigorously with gravel. -step 5: Aim the windows at the structure. You can use dowels if the dimensions of your greenhouse are large. -step 6: Spread the gravel evenly on the ground. It will facilitate the thermal stability of the greenhouse and allow water to be drained easily. -step 7: Attach the battens to the top of the building and attach the corrugated iron and / or the windows to make the ceiling. -step 8: Arrange the shelves and small furniture in the greenhouse to be able to place the plants there. -step 9: Seal the greenhouse by making silicone gaskets (or with putty) -step 10: Once the gaskets are dry, paint. All you have to do is place your plants in their new haven of peace. NB: The dimensions of the greenhouse depend on the size of the windows that you collect. The article above therefore has no dimensions since there are as many possibilities as there are potential manufacturers. article translated from english: more info on

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