I made a cardboard mirror frame

I made a cardboard mirror frame

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To customize a mirror easily and inexpensively, make your own frame out of cardboard.

Here is the material you will need to make this frame:

- news: 739781 cutter and blades - smoothing plaster or white from Spain - double fluted cardboard - 3 mm flat cardboard - a hot glue gun and sticks of hot glue or Neoprene glue - a brush and roller. - a ruler - a sanding block and sandpaper - gummed kraft paper

Five steps to make a mirror frame

1) Cut out the profiles Start by drawing the desired shape on a flat cardboard plate 3 mm thick to make the template with the chosen dimensions: 85 cm by 76 cm. Cut out the contours including the center. Use the template on cardboard with at least double fluting. Cut two profiles. The hollowed out plate will be placed on the bottom plate. 2) Cut the crosspieces You will now create cardboard reinforcements 2cm wide which will give depth to the mirror frame. Cut them in the opposite direction to the grooves. Glue them with the hot glue gun. Once the reinforcements are fixed; you can stick the cardboard profile over it. 3) Dress the mirror On the edges of the mirror stick cardboard of a thinner thickness, cardboard type. Hook the corners for an optimal finish. 4) The shelves for the candle jars For ease of use, I used quadruple flute cardboard here. Cut two rectangular shapes of 9x9cm. Hollow out one of the two rectangles and use the other as a background. You can then double the bottom according to the depth you want. Close the contours with cardboard and kraft the angles for an impeccable result. 5) finishing; from coating to painting To remove flaws and gummed kraft. Here is the recipe for preparing a coating based on Spanish white or smoothing coating: - 9 measures of white - 6 measures of vinyl glue (white liquid wood glue) - 3 measures of water - 1 spoon of linseed oil. Apply a coat of coating on the mirror. Let dry overnight, the next day when everything is dry, sand with a medium paper. Your mirror is ready to receive the painting. > More info on my blog: