2 new baths for small bathrooms

2 new baths for small bathrooms

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Many of you dream of a bathtub in your bathroom. Convenient to take baths, it also offers the advantage of being able to transform into a shower, which is difficult otherwise. But small spaces are often left behind. Those days are over! Allia, specialized in bathroom equipment in ceramic and synthetic materials has just launched two new baths: Aveline and Esquisse. Both very structured with their rounded shapes, they allow to avoid the traps of small bathrooms. So a 120 cm x 250 cm bathroom can accommodate the "Sketch" model. The bathtub with a dimension of: 100 x 160 cm is both spacious and with rounded profile facilitates circulation , even in the most confined spaces. Even more original, the Aveline corner bathtub. With round shapes, it is comfortable with its seat in the corner and dimensions: 150 x100 cm, you can choose it with the right or left angle .


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