Our decor ideas for putting shelves in the bathroom

Our decor ideas for putting shelves in the bathroom

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Shower, children's baths, styling, makeup, shaving, care of all kinds ... Every day, we spend a considerable amount of time in our bathrooms. So when the room is small and it has not been thought out properly, our moments of relaxation can quickly become stressful. Fortunately, there are solutions to save space and find storage spaces, both practical and design. High cabinet, corner shelf or wall shelf, towel rack ... Discover all of our decor ideas to give an impression of space to your small bathroom, while bringing it a trendy touch. Tips or DIY tutorial to build your own supports, follow the guide!
  1. Corner shelves in every corner
  2. Wall shelf and set of materials
  3. A DIY bathroom shelf
  4. An organized shelf
  5. Towel rack: take the height!

1. Corner shelves in all corners

In a small bathroom, every millimeter counts! Each corner represents a real space saving, and can be a good support for corner shelves. Especially if you place them in strategic places in the bathroom. Near the mirror and the sink? You can store toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps or other beauty products. On a corner shelf installed in the entrance of the room, place clean, nicely folded towels. And then, we must not neglect our bathtub corners and showers! A stainless steel or plastic corner shelf can help you store all of your toiletries. Did you say practical? Obviously! Corner shelves can provide design side to your room. Wood, bamboo, with small storage lockers, each style has its own bathroom shelf ! You can even make them yourself. For a wooden corner shelf, you will need shelves, dowels and wood glue, varnish, wall mounting rods and a few tools. Once everything is assembled, all you have to do is install and enjoy!

© Nosenviesdeco

2. Wall shelf and set of materials

Industrial, natural, vintage, bohemian, minimalist, tropical ... Because there are not only living rooms, such as the dining room or living room, which deserve a pointed decoration, the bathroom can also have style. And each style has one or more materials. The metal or leather details of your wall shelves will bring a raw appearance piece. Materials such as wood, wicker or rattan, will make it look more country and cocooning, country house style, suitable for escape. With some cement tiles placed in a niche shelf, you can play on the patterns. Trendy, geometric or retro, they will bring color and depth to your room. As for the tiling, a great classic in the bathroom, it now comes in many shades and textures. You will understand, there is something for everyone! So all that's left is to rethink your bathroom and have fun with styles and colors! Result: a piece in your image and a space saving guaranteed!

3. A DIY bathroom shelf

You have already heard of theupcycling ? If you are fond of Do It Yourself and environmental approach, you will love it! Upcycling consists of recovering already existing materials or objects and giving them new life, by transforming them. An ideal trend for small bathrooms and mini budgets! To arrange a storage space in a small room, nothing like a tall cabinet. To build one, don't hesitate to collect cases of wine bottles or old, solid fruit and vegetable crates. You can then place them next to each other, stack them or arrange them in staggered rows. Attach them to the wall to prevent your furniture from being wobbly. For an equally spirit natural, collect some boards and two pieces of rope. Drill your boards at the ends and pass the ropes through them. Under each hole, tie the rope. The knots thus formed will retain the board. It will be placed on it. You will probably have to fix brackets in order to balance everything, but the result will be authentic ! No doubt, with these decor ideas, it has never been so much fun to tinker and rearrange your interior.

4. An organized shelf

It’s well known, we all have a multitude of small objects that pile up at the bottom of our drawers and vanity cases, or in cups that take up space. To finally give them a correct place and find them at first glance, hang a organizer on your wall. Composed of several compartments of different sizes, it will allow you to store your barrettes and hair brushes, tweezers, razors, cotton swabs or other blush brushes. If you prefer to make it yourself, it's easy! Take a wire rack on which you can install clips and hooks "S" shaped for hanging washcloths or hanging small baskets and racks. The second method is to use a pegboard in hardboard. You can attach small shelves, hooks, glass jars using wire, supports metal and cuffs. No doubt about it: you can store your brushes, combs and eyeliner there, place your jars of creams, deodorants and shaving foam tubes in it, carefully store your cleansing cotton there… An inexpensive solution and customizable as desired: the hardboard panels are easy to paint.

© Kreisdesign

5. Towel rack: get high!

Tired of the traditional hook fixed behind the door of your bathroom? No worries, there are several solutions to do dry your towels. To suspend them, you can simply recover an old wooden ladder, for a retro style. You will also find them in many decoration stores. The copper pipes, usually used for plumbing, can also turn into a Towel design and easy to manufacture. To build it, you will only need three pieces of copper pipe, as well as string, "S" hooks, scissors and a pipe cutter. And voila ! You will be able to hang several bath sheets, of different sizes and lengths, as well as storage baskets, for example. And if DIY is not really your strong point, do not panic: you can always opt for a towel rack "ready to use". At that time, you might as well choose a towel holder that is very simple, to attach to the wall. In bathroom without heating, a electric towel dryer, will warm your room at the same time as it will allow your towels not to stay wet for too long. You will gain comfort!

© Tia Borgsmidt You will understand: you do not need to do too much to create storage spaces in your bathroom. Install some wall or corner shelves, and voila! To add an impression of greater space, do not hesitate to choose warm lighting and paint your bathroom in soft and clear colors. Now you decide which style you want to adopt!