Make a table with colored pencils

Make a table with colored pencils

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A simple white frame turns into a decorative painting only by diverting colored pencils from their original function. Combine several sets of pencils and classify them according to their shade, from the darkest to the lightest. In a few gestures, you have just created a rainbow of colors to hang on the wall. Level: easy Completion time : 2:00 Indicative cost: 47.40 euros Necessary material : 1 white frame = 12.75 7 sets of 12 colored pencils = 27.65 euros 1 double-sided roll = 7 euros Steps : - Classify the pencils in shades of color and divide the whole into four parts. - Compose the future table in the center of Marie Louise before pasting them definitively. - Slide the pencils out of the frame, keeping their order. - On the back of the frame place double sided in each corner. - Glue a white sheet of the same size on it. - Trace the interior contours of the Marie Louise on the white sheet and cover with 6 double-sided strips. - Apply the Marie Louise. - Create the table pencil by pencil. - Reassemble the board. Decoration idea: Instead of playing with several shades of color, you can opt for one and the same shade which you then decline in different shades.


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