What flooring to choose for the bathroom?

What flooring to choose for the bathroom?

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  1. A resistant and non-slip bathroom floor: as many decorative ideas as there are materials!
  2. The laying of tiles: even in the walk-in shower
  3. Vinyl, PVC, linoleum, seagrass ... Can we install a flexible floor covering in damp rooms?
  4. Parquet and carpet: to banish from the bathroom?
  5. Waxed concrete for a modern bathroom
  6. Bathroom renovation: pay attention to the compatibility of the floors!

1. A resistant and non-slip bathroom floor: as many decorative ideas as there are materials!

© Marca Corona

In the bathroom, the choice of flooring is important. This must above all be moisture resistant, because its main enemy is not wear and tear due to the repeated passage of the inhabitants of the house, but water! He should therefore not fear wetness or splashing. This coating will also resist stains, and will be easy to maintain, non-slip ... In addition to being comfortable and pleasing you, of course! Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Your choice will obviously depend on your budget, your constraints, your desires and the atmosphere you want to create. Tiles, cement tiles, natural stone, seagrass, pebbles, wooden floors, PVC, vinyl… Yes, all of these options are possible! Let's stop for a bit to detail them.

2. The laying of tiles: even in the walk-in shower

When we say bathroom, we think almost immediately of tiling ... And it is true that this coating is ideal! The bathroom is always dressed. If the stoneware is the darling material of the public, it is not the only one on the market. Today there is a very large choice of dimensions, colors, patterns and finishes, for all budgets.

Constantly renewed, the tiling is completely compatible with a modern bathroom. To make the best choice, we rely on the UPEC classification, a standard that defines the material's resistance to wear (U), to puncture that could result from falling objects (P), to water (E ) and chemicals (C). Each of these criteria is scored from 1 to 4. A bathroom tile must display a minimum score of U2 P2 E3 C1 to last over time. To avoid any accident, we obviously choose its non-slip tiling… Avoid overly polished finishes which will be slippery and therefore dangerous.

Simple to install and very resistant as long as it is properly protected from humidity and that the joints are taken care of, the tiling can be installed by anyone who is a little DIYer who knows how to be patient. Smaller than conventional tiles, those in mosaic are particularly suitable for covering the floor of a walk-in shower. Their format allows you to create patterns of all kinds.

Do you prefer a mineral aspect? You can install natural stone tiles or slabs, which you will carefully waterproof. Marble and slate, for example, lend themselves well to the bathroom. To avoid slipping, choose a fairly rough grain of stone, and apply a water-repellent treatment to your soil which will prevent any water infiltration.

Finally, pebbles are an original and soothing option: walking on them will massage the soles of your feet, causing a very pleasant feeling of relaxation. As this coating is quite expensive, it can be added in small touches.

3. Vinyl, PVC, linoleum, seagrass ... Can we install a flexible floor covering in damp rooms?

© Leroy Merlin

A flexible floor has its place in a bathroom, if it is properly laid. PVC or linoleum floors, for example, are very affordable, waterproof and resistant. They often also refer to the same thing: they are coatings created from polyvinyl chloride (plastic, therefore), which do not fear humidity, because they have received treatments allowing them to resist all kinds of deterioration (wear, hallmarks, etc.) as well as slipping.

Conversely, linoleum is made from natural materials and is much less tolerant of moisture. Avoid placing it in the bathroom. Thanks to modern printing techniques, flexible floors offer great freedom of choice by reproducing the appearance of certain materials: imitation wood, stone, tiles, metal… Everything will depend on your decorating ideas! In the bathroom, rollers are preferred to slabs or slats, to limit the risk of infiltration. Anyway, a vinyl or PVC floor is very easy to maintain: it can be cleaned with lukewarm water.

© Castorama

Another option: seagrass ! This coating, made with the fibers of aquatic plants, needs moisture to keep its flexibility and elasticity, which makes it a ideal material for the bathroom. In addition, its price is accessible. Just remember to ventilate the room regularly to prevent mold. Seagrass is also very resistant to stains, but our tender feet may find it a little rough. Please note, not all vegetable fibers are suitable for the bathroom: coconut fiber or jute are not pleasant, for example. When laying, remember to stick your seagrass coating for better hold.

4. Parquet and carpet: to banish from the bathroom?

© Porcelanosa Is the wooden parquet reserved for living rooms and dining rooms? Not at all ! Solid wood floors will be perfect for the bathroom, provided you take a suitable species. So we choose a exotic wood such as teak, wenge, iroko, ipé, doussié, bamboo… Which are naturally rot-proof.

In the bathroom, floating installation is not recommended : it is better to reinforce the waterproofing, by sticking the planks on a concrete support, floor, tiling or false floor, and by applying "boat deck" joints. Some solid parquet floors are already grouted, which makes the operation much easier. And we don't forget to oil the wood to finish! Note that this living material will necessarily evolve over time: do not be surprised if it lightens slightly.

Often considered as parquet, laminate is nevertheless a chipboard support, on which we affix a decor imitation wood, concrete, tiles, natural stone ... You will inevitably find the one that matches your decor ideas! If it is coated with a waterproof resin, the laminate can cover the floor of your bathroom. With its low thickness, this very affordable coating is ideal for a bathroom renovation, for example. It should be cleaned carefully, since the laminate would not withstand washing with large amounts of water.

And the carpet, is it right to banish it from the bathroom? Yes, except the models of rot-proof carpets, the fibers of which are designed to dry faster. Composed of a latex undercoat, they prevent any risk of infiltration. Inexpensive, the carpet is an original choice, but why not, if your pond is well ventilated!

5. Waxed concrete, for a modern bathroom

We haven't talked about the waxed concrete, a coating that is popular at the moment. It gives the bathroom a small "loft" or industrial look. Waxed concrete adapts to damp roomss provided you are protected by several layers of varnish. In all cases, we call on a qualified professional who will be able to install it in the rules of the art. This coating must indeed be laid in several layers, with sanding phases between each. Otherwise, you can opt for polished concrete slabs to lay, such as tiling. Often used in renovations, concrete covers a hard, stabilized floor like tiling in good condition, but above all not wooden parquet.

6. Bathroom renovation: pay attention to the compatibility of the floors!

If you embark on renovations, it is possible to cover your old floor covering with the new one. But beware, depending on the coatings, this is not necessarily a good idea. Therefore, note that natural floors, carpets, tiles and PVC boards must be removed before changing the covering. A tile must be in good condition before being covered. So, despite the constraints related to humidity, you have many options to choose the floor covering for your bathroom. All you have to do is decide!


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