Make an outdoor mobile with a sweeping broom ...

Make an outdoor mobile with a sweeping broom ...

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The garden is adorned with beautiful assets and as for interior decoration it is important to take care of its staging. To help you, here is a step by step deco easy to carry out to create a giant mobile. To do this, have three sweeping brush ends and three hooks… Level: easy Completion time : 30 minutes Indicative cost: 48.95 euros Necessary material : - 1 small end for sweeping brushes = 5.95 euros - 1 medium end for sweeping brushes = 7.70 euros - 1 large end for sweeping brushes = 8.20 euros - 3 gym hooks = 7.70 euros / piece - Chain = 4 euros Steps : - Screw the gym hook onto the end of the small sweeping broom. - Repeat the operation for the other two tips. - Hang the three compositions thus formed between them. - Pass the chain through the ring at the top of the mobile to suspend it. The most decorative : In perpetual motion this outdoor mobile will have its full effect among the vegetation. Music Yohan and Simon Couderc


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