The Liberty pattern for a romantic style

The Liberty pattern for a romantic style

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The Liberty print returns to the front of the stage. Romance, freshness and innocence will invade your interior! It's up to you to find the decorative object, among our Liberty shopping, which will make you fall in love. It's finally flower season, it's high time to take advantage! No need to confine them to the garden, you can make them fit into your interior thanks in particular to the Liberty. Printed in the blush of the season, liberty never ceases to be talked about as well in the world of fashion as in that of decoration. But where does this pretty, very light and flowery fabric come from? First of all, be aware that this term is used in all sauces, but that it is basically a registered trademark. It was the English merchant Arthur Lasenby Liberty who created this fabric in 1875 through his company Liberty of London. This print has been able to cross the ages by constantly renewing itself. From the "Little girl" sticker from Art Sticker to the Decoclico cushion on the head or the romantic wallpaper from Castorama, here is our selection of objects to put you on the path to liberty.


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