Célio launches the wardrobe for small spaces

Célio launches the wardrobe for small spaces

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The dressing room is an increasingly sought-after piece. Convenient for storing your belongings, it is often attached to the bedroom or the bathroom. But in small spaces, it is not always easy to have a space dedicated only to storage. So here is a solution that is both practical and decorative so that small areas also have the right to their dressing room!

The dressing room Oslo from Celio is like a wardrobe
. It opens with two large synchronized sliding doors where mirrors are attached. Once opened your closet reveals the equivalent of a small room 90 cm deep and 230 cm wide, where multiple clever storage spaces are hidden. On a surface of 2 m², you have a total of 5.70 meters of shelves and 3.60 meters of wardrobe. Its comfort of use is optimal since it is equipped with automatic lighting with infrared detector. It is sold from 3160 euros and there is a natural oak and gray ash finish to adapt to several decorative styles. > More info on www.celio.fr Compare the development price of your dressing room: Wardrobe, shelf, rack, storage box.


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