Ikea retrospective at Stokholm

Ikea retrospective at Stokholm

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Renowned for its inexpensive prices and its various collections with simple lines that have transformed interiors for several generations, the Swedish brand Ikea is finally making its vast collection known through a historic exhibition at the Liljevachs museum in Stokholm until August 13. "This is not a classic design exhibition. These pieces of furniture are part of people's lives, of their experiences, there is a form of nostalgia," Steffan Bengtsson, curator of the exhibition, told AFP. . Original forms of the "sixties", shimmering colors and daring of the 70s and 80s ... The hundred pieces of the Ikea collection takes on a whole new meaning by exhibiting in an art gallery. Each piece of furniture is no longer seen as a useful element but rather as a work, both vintage and contemporary. Since 1943, the date of creation of Ikea, its founder, the Swedish Ingvar Kamprad continues to make us dream with his new models of furniture today eco-responsible.


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