1001 ideas to dress your walls

1001 ideas to dress your walls

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The great classics to decorate a wall: frames, photos…

If you want to dress your walls without necessarily embarking on major work at home, know that the best way to make decoration on a wall is simply to hang pictures, frames, paintings or wall hangings.

Carefully chosen and carefully arranged, these small decorative elements can make all the difference and sublimate a simple wall in two steps, three movements!

Dress up a wall easily: bet on color and contrast

In interior decoration, white is THE color favored by the majority of individuals in the rooms of the house. On the one hand, it is true that white is a neutral and soothing color ... but we must admit that a house whose walls are all white can quickly appear bland and sad. That's why if you want energize your interior a little without making a decoration on your walls too imposing, do not hesitate to put them in color.

For example, to create a cheerful and warm atmosphere in your living room, you can choose to paint a single wall in a warm color, a symbol of good humor, such as orange, yellow, pink, purple, beige or still brown. The contrast will bring dynamism and pep to your interior, by dressing only a wall!

Decorate your walls with paint

If you want to decorate and dress up your walls by using paint, several solutions are available to you. You can, as indicated above, play with colors. But what is interesting with painting is that you can also play with the materials, favoring either iridescent or satin paints which will reflect light, or on the contrary matt paints which do not reflect light, but will create an impression of depth in the room.

You can also bet on painting effects, the possibilities are numerous: sponge painting, metallic paint, slate effect paint on which it is possible to write…
Coatings are also a good way tobeautify your walls : tadelakt coating for example, ideal for bringing an oriental touch to the walls of your bathroom. Very trendy at the moment, waxed concrete is also interesting because in addition to being easy to maintain and impact resistant, it captures light well. It is therefore ideal for bringing modernity and a discreet charm to your interior.

Wallpaper to enhance your walls

More classic, but just as effective for decorate a wall, wallpaper has come back to the forefront in recent years, with new original patterns and warm textures: leather effect, brick effect, stone effect, 3D effect… it is far from the era of floral wallpaper which reminded grandma's houses!

The right idea for a wall decor particularly successful? Place a single strip of wallpaper on a wall to enhance it.

Customize the decoration of a wall with stickers

Finally, to easily and quickly customize the decoration of a wall, the wall decals, or even the masking tape are perfect. Trompe-l'oeil, baroque, design, with natural patterns, philosophical quotes, zen, or in "lol" mode, the hardest will undoubtedly be to choose.