Our tips for cleaning your bathroom

Our tips for cleaning your bathroom

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When we talk about cleaning the house, the question of the bathroom always arises! How to descale the toilets? How to remove traces of limestone? How to clean the windows? Which household products to use? Which ones to avoid? Is bleach really effective? You will understand that the maintenance of the bathroom can become a headache! So before throwing in the towel, quickly find all our tips and advice for cleaning the bathroom with ease!

  1. Descale the sanitary
  2. Remove lime from the shower and the bathtub
  3. Wash the windows
  4. Update on mirrors
  5. Restore shine to tile joints
  6. Unblock and clean the pipes

1. Descale the toilets

If there is one place where you want to avoid microbes as much as possible, it's in the bathroom! And in our toilets. However, between the pipes and the bowl, it is necessary to scrub well to have an impression of clean! Especially when the waters are very limestone. Yellow or green traces appear at the bottom of the toilet. Fortunately, for descaling there are several natural products. Starting with the White vinegar. We can never say it enough: he is our friend for all the housework and cleaning the house! To descale your toilets, remove as much water as possible from the bowl, pour a liter of white vinegar, leave to act overnight without flushing the toilet. The next day, brush vigorously. For regular maintenance, repeat the operation every three months. If the tartar is really persistent, heat the vinegar beforehand, without boiling it, or add baking soda. With this mixture, you should find a more sparkling toilet than ever!

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2. Remove limescale from the shower and the bathtub

Let those who have never worked hard on the chrome and the walls of their bathtub or shower lift their finger! The traces of water and soap can indeed give a dirt effect to our bathroom. Once again, the natural products are our allies! On all metal parts, rub a lemon cut in half and rinse with clean water. They will regain their shine of yesteryear! To remove stubborn lime from your shower head, there is also a simple trick. Pour a mixture of water and white vinegar into a freezer bag. Soak the knob in it by tying the bag tightly around it. Leave to act, brush, rinse. That's it ! There remains the question of shower curtain yellowed, not very tasty! For plastics: rub the stained part with half a cup of baking soda or white vinegar before washing in the machine, at 30 degrees. Rub the cotton curtains with Marseille soap, natural stain remover, and wash them at 60 degrees. In any case, don't forget to take your shower curtain out of the bathtub or shower tray after each bath and to ventilate the room well. If your curtain has mold, soak it in a bucket of boiling salt water. And hop, it will be like new!

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3. Clean the windows

Between the splashes of water and soap or toothpaste, the glass walls of our showers and our mirrors are not spared! To begin with, it is better to avoid fogging, a factor in the appearance of limestone. To do this, rub them with a cloth soaked in glycerin or alcohol at 90 ° and say goodbye to fogging! To clean plexiglass or glass shower panes, moisten the wall with half a liter of White vinegar heated. Leave on for 30 minutes, then rinse with clean water with a sponge. If the glass is very dirty, mix baking soda crystals to this potion. For glass panes, also add a handful of salt. You will find your windows transparent and shiny! If you want to avoid traces on a daily basis, use a squeegee after each shower: this will prevent the water from leaving traces when drying!

4. Update on mirrors

Mirrors deserve special attention. Nothing worse than a mirror full of traces. Fortunately, there are a lot of alternatives to the classic commercial paper towel / glass cleaner combo! The recipes mentioned above for cleaning windows, also work for that of mirrors. However, you can also maintain them with newspaper soaked in glass product: no trace will resist! A potato raw cut in half, rubbed on the mirror and then wiped with a soft cloth soaked in white vinegar, will also have its small effect! If your mirror looks blurred by stripes and a blurred reflection, apply toothpaste and gently polish the surface. For dirty and greasy areas, have a onion cut in half. Then rinse with warm lemon water and dry with a soft cloth. A real miracle solution and a 100% natural product!

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5. Restore shine to the tile joints

A bathroom will never look clean with tile joints and blackened shower gaskets. Once again, the natural products are largely capable of playing the anti-mold agents. Spray four tablespoons of baking soda and 10 cl of white vinegar on the dirty joints. Leave to act overnight, rub, rinse with clear water. The duo baking soda and lemon juice will also be very effective in shining tiles and whitening joints. Another natural product, black soap. This vegetable detergent is a powerful cleaner and stain remover. Just spray it, let it work, rub and rinse. Clay stone is just as effective. To use it, rub a damp sponge on the block, rub and rinse. Still not convinced? Try them soda ash, known for their stain-removing and detergent properties. Dilute a bowl of soda in 1 liter of hot water. Much less ecological, the classic bleach dilutes in hot water, vaporizes or applies to the sponge directly on the surface to be cleaned. Leave on for 30 minutes, rub, then rinse. Among industrial products, dishwashing liquid can also whiten joints. Mixed with white vinegar, it is formidable and will restore the brightness of the joints.

6. Unblock and clean the pipes

Maintaining your bathroom also means taking care of your pipelines. To avoid clogged sinks and bad odors, it's best to start by following a few simple principles. Get into the habit of picking up hair and hairs in the sink, and don't pour oil or grease on them. They will coagulate to create plugs in the pipes and the siphon. If this should happen, once again, natural products will be best allies! Mix 200 grams of baking soda, 20 cl of white vinegar and 200 g of salt. Pour the preparation into the piping. Wait half an hour then pour a basin of boiling water. Thereafter, empty a bottle of white vinegar into the drain each month. The coffee grounds in very hot water will also prevent grease from sticking to the walls and deodorize the pipes. To remove odors, you can also prepare ice cubes of pure white vinegar. Place one on the drain. By melting, the vinegar will cleanse, disinfect, and avoid smelly rising.

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