Build a barbecue in your garden

Build a barbecue in your garden

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Dominique Combeau, Commercial Director at De Chazelles, explains what you need to know to (make) build a permanent barbecue in your garden or on your terrace. What are the first questions to ask? You have to ask yourself where you want to install your barbecue. In France, there are mainly westerly winds. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the barbecue is located so that the smoke does not go towards the garden table. If you want to enjoy your barbecue all year round, it is better to install it under a covered terrace or a pool enclosure, for example. The ideal, in this case, is to connect it to a chimney flue. Thus, the smoke is evacuated above the terrace. Then you have to think about the model itself because the choice is vast: to make simple grills, for horizontal and vertical cooking, with rotisserie, with bread oven, with combined grill / plancha ... We can even go as far as real outdoor kitchen with sink. For fans of spit cooking, remember to provide an electrical point nearby. Also, don't forget to think about lighting for late dinners on summer evenings. What should be planned for construction? The person who builds your barbecue - a mason or chimney and barbecue professional - must make sure that the floor is suitable for carrying the barbecue load. It is often necessary to pour a 7 to 10 cm reinforced concrete slab to stabilize the ground and secure the future barbecue. During construction, studs can be added (metal pieces to link two pieces together) to solidify the barbecue. If you are building a natural stone barbecue, it is better to make the joints with natural stone powder and white cement. It will be more aesthetic. Once the barbecue is built and dry, three or four weeks later, a water repellent must be applied to the outside to protect it from possible foam and dirt. Finally, a little advice for the use of your barbecue: always make a progressive fire, especially if it has rained the previous days, to avoid thermal shocks and therefore cracks in concrete or stone. If I want to buy my barbecue from a professional like De Chazelles, how does it work? You choose your model either from the catalog or in the showroom. The barbecue is almost an impulse purchase linked to the weather. Manufacturing times are therefore generally very short. For a standard model, it takes two weeks. For tailor-made, three weeks after acceptance of the project with quote and plan. The barbecue is delivered as a kit. The stone and brick part is made of panels cut to the right dimensions, all that remains is to assemble and glue following the assembly instructions. A good handyman can do it himself. Then we install the cast iron part for cooking. It's simple because there are only 2 or 3 pieces to assemble depending on the model. Are there standards for barbecues? There is the European Directive 2001/95 / EC on general product safety. It mainly concerns materials in contact with food. And also the French decree 2006/18 EN 1860-1 of January 4, 2006, which governs the safety level of barbecues: minimum thickness of materials, temperature limit of handles and tank to prevent burns and fight fires, stability of the barbecue on the floor horizontal and inclined at 10 °, tilting tests with projected mass… The ideal is to buy a barbecue that meets these two standards. Ideas & advice around the barbecue: Photos of barbecue: our favorites, Maintain your barbecue.

What type of barbecue to choose? There are three main ones: charcoal, electric or gas barbecues. Find the one that suits you thanks to our price comparison.


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