Maintaining your barbecue

Maintaining your barbecue

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You don't maintain your barbecue in the same way depending on the type of appliance you have. But the common point is a thorough cleaning at the beginning and at the end of the season.

A hard barbecue

A masonry barbecue is exposed to the weather all year round. It will therefore be subject to a thorough cleaning using a brush and a detergent (ecological, if possible) to remove as much as possible the traces of soot and various stains on the chimney, the drain, the hat and the hearth. If the latter is constructed of refractory bricks, then use a special product. Regularly check for any cracks to be filled in and on sunny days, use your water jet from time to time.

A charcoal barbecue

As for mobile barbecues, they generally spend the winter sheltered. This does not prevent it from being repaired before using it for the first time in fine weather. Clean both the inside and the outside with a detergent. Perhaps you will want to repaint it to give it a newer look or change its color (why not a very girly pink barbecue?). In this case, do not paint the interior of the barbecue or the accessories. And wait two whole days before making your first grills.

A gas barbecue

If you have a gas barbecue, focus first, before using it for the first time in the season, on the condition of the burners and hoses, making sure there are no leaks. At lava and ceramic stones every three years. Disassemble the parts and wash them in soapy water, except the thermometer on which you will pass only a stroke of damp cloth. Repeat the complete barbecue cleaning several times during the season. Small tips for all barbecues Clean the grills and accessories after each use. Let them soak in soapy water, they will be easier to clean. For grease residues encrusted, use a special oven or barbecue product and scrub with a brush. Finally, do not empty the ashtray of your barbecue until 24 hours after having grilled because the embers can remain active during all this time. And last tip: remember to replace rusty or defective parts as you go. Tips & Photo around barbecues: Barbecue photos: our favorites, What type of barbecue to choose?, Building a barbecue in your garden.


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