Jumping invents the smart oven

Jumping invents the smart oven

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Food lovers have finally found their oven! Sauter launches a range of ovens that combine technology and ease of use. Four functions are available depending on the model to make your life easier:

1. The "chef" function

With this function you are the chef! You can adjust all cooking parameters: my temperature, type and duration of cooking.

2. The "flavor guide" function

This function includes 52 preprogrammed recipes. Indicate the weight and the type of container and the oven will advise you on the cooking method, the temperature, the height of the dish and the cooking time.

3. The "Easy Cook" function

Easy cook is the 100% automatic cooking function. It determines all the parameters, you have only indicated the food to be cooked. Thanks to the Air Control System, the cooking time is calculated according to the humidity present in the oven air. 3 versions are available: 12 dishes, 10 dishes and 6 dishes.

4. The "low temperature" function

This slow cooking regulates the temperature below 100 °. It ensures tender cooking of food. > More info on www.sauter-electromenager.com


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