Divert a wicker basket in light suspension

Divert a wicker basket in light suspension

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An easy decorative step to create a decorative but also eco-friendly pendant light. With a duo of trendy colors and an electrical connection, you create an original lighting fixture for your kitchen, bedroom or living room in record time that will make everyone envious! Completion time (excluding drying time): 45 minutes Indicative cost : 24.50 euros Necessary material 1 wicker basket = 8 euros 1 spray paint silver spray = 9.50 euros 1 spray paint red spray = 5 euros 1 electrical system = 2 euros Steps Pierce the basket in its center Silver bomber with spray paint inside the basket Leave to dry for two hours Black bomber with spray paint outside the basket Leave to dry for two hours Pass the electric cable inside the hole Connect the electrical wires in the socket Screw your bulb Trick : The larger your basket, the more impressive the effect. And like the big decorative suspensions, it won't cost you: 24.50 euros


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