Furnish your kitchen with Corian

Furnish your kitchen with Corian

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Corian has existed for 40 years but its applications for the home, and in particular for the kitchen and the bathroom, have been developing for a few years. Easy to maintain, aesthetic and resistant, this is a material of the future for the home. Explanations to know him better.

Corian®: an ultra-resistant material

Corian is a kind of resin that mixes stone and acrylic. This surface material is ideal for a kitchen sink or bathroom sink, but also for a worktop. It is particularly well indicated in the case of a renovation since it is possible, for example, to install Corian® on an old worktop. It is an extremely solid material, resistant to impact and scratches. And in the case of a significant impact, know that it is enough to put a "patch" which then disappears when sanding. Very easy to maintain, daily cleaning is simply done with a soft cloth and a little detergent.

The aesthetics of Corian®: a hundred colors

When laid, the Corian has a satin finish which gradually patinates to obtain a soft and silky appearance. In terms of colors, the choice is vast since there are a hundred colors and pigments available, from the lightest to the darkest. United like pearl gray or pewter gray, they will give a very contemporary style to a kitchen; imitating stone, they will give it a more traditional style. Note, the new collection in pastel colors is in translucent Corian. A word of advice: for a worktop, prefer light tones to dark tones that more mark scuff marks and signs of wear. Combined with wood, glass or stainless steel, the Corian reveals a pure and simple design, especially since the liquid seals in Corian are invisible.

The Corian®, price side

On the price side, the Corian is probably not the most affordable worktop coating, its cost is similar to that of granite. But in view of its longevity (unlike wood or stainless steel that scratch), it turns out to be a good investment. An example of price, on, the price per square meter of Corian is from 385 euros HT, or 231 euros HT for a depth of 60 cm (depth generally accepted for a work plan ). For a L-shaped worktop, in Corian® Blanc Glacier with a part in 210 x 60 cm and another in 180 x 60 cm: average budget 1047 euros.

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