A Valentine's Day under the sign of Eros!

A Valentine's Day under the sign of Eros!

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Without falling into the vulgar, the erotic decoration is a good way to awaken the desire of the other. In the dishes, on lamps, on your walls ... Invitation to pleasure! For a successful Valentine's evening, take care of the details, starting with the decoration of your interior. First, dim the light from your new lamp signed Hervé Matejewski inspired by the paintings of the Kama Sutra. Set your table with erotic porcelain from the same designer with Jouy canvas patterns. Arrange the "Her and him" chairs from Casamania carved with well-shaped body shapes on either side of the table. Once the meal is consumed, you will go to your Gufram sofa in the shape of a mouth ... The suite in your room when you slip into the sheets of the erotic collection inspired by the canvas of Jouy K-Lou, but there, that doesn’t look more!


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