Handed by recycled plastic products

Handed by recycled plastic products

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Handed by, a Dutch company, contributes to reducing our ecological footprint through intelligent use of the waste from our activities. Handed by products thus recycle 80% plastic from the strips used to secure the packaging boxes. The brand is also socially responsible since, in Thailand, it supports the cause of women and children. Child labor is prohibited. Handed by employs a majority of women in conditions that allow them to gain a certain independence. Among Handed by's eco-responsible handmade products: the two Blancmix baskets (124.50 euros) to be separated and nested as desired according to your needs, a laundry basket (47.90 euros), an open basket (34.80 euros) which can serve as a pot and a storage for three baskets (67 euros). Decorate your table with patchworks sets (4.70 euros). Finally, the Mat mat (50 euros) inside and out as the recycled straw withstands almost all weather conditions.


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