5 decorative ideas to face the crisis

5 decorative ideas to face the crisis

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Times are tough ... but that doesn't necessarily mean that having fun is prohibited! On the contrary, it is even appropriate to arrange an interior where it is good to take refuge. So change the decor but with a common imperative: do not spend too much!

Repair instead of throwing away
Give a second youth to an old slightly worn cushion, a plaid or an armchair by patching it. With a piece of felt for example, cut out a shape to your liking (star, heart, letters, tiles of different sizes) and sew it directly on your fabric. In a shades of tone or even more decorative, in a contrasting color, give a unique side to your object and thus add a very personal touch to your decoration. Divert objects An old stool can easily be transformed into a super decorative bedside table. A splash of paint in a trendy color like purple, and voila! Economic advice: no need to buy a new pot to paint a small area. Consider using a paint background. Keep away from light and hermetically closed, you can use your paint several months after its first opening.

Buy a second hand
Emmaus, garage sales and flea markets are a good way to do business and good decoration discoveries. Without having to travel, the Internet is also an alternative to buy smart at a lower cost. Ebay, leboncoin… to name but a few, are an inexhaustible source of objects at unbeatable prices. An interesting site to buy designer objects at low prices: This online store offers creations from young designers at attractive prices. Customize your furniture Take a walk in your attic or cellar. You will surely find furniture which, at first glance, is no longer up to date but which, with a dose of imagination could quickly transform into super decorative furniture. For example, give an old dresser a facelift by painting it in a flashy color. Then stick on its facade a pop inspiration poster that you will have beforehand, pre-cut to the dimensions of the drawers ... here you are with a new chest of drawers for a teenager's bedroom. Even simpler, make a convenient sticky note for the office by applying two coats of blackboard paint. All you have to do is write on it!

The big brands are getting started
Major brands such as U, Monoprix, Casino and Carrefour stores are also launching into decorative furniture. Today they present real designer furniture that has nothing to envy to specialist brands. For example, U stores have imagined truly contemporary furniture: from the enameled ceramic lamp at 39 euros to the plexi and chrome chair at 79 euros, you will find very decorative furniture. Monoprix, textile side presents a vortex of bright colors on the theme of plants, all for less than 12 euros.And a decorative favorite to add flavor to your interior: go to the website: which offers household linen and poetic, quirky and colorful decorative accessories.