The 10 rules to start an art collection

The 10 rules to start an art collection

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Until then reserved for connoisseurs, the art market has opened up. The codes have changed and the acquisition of a work of art is no longer reserved for an elite. Here are some rules to get started.

Rule # 1 to start an art collection: visit museums

First of all sharpen your eyes, your curiosity. Visit museums, exhibitions, galleries, fairs (such as the Contemporary Art Fair, FIAC in Paris), learn about artistic news, browse art magazines. In short, educate your taste, your critical sense, and above all follow your instinct.

Rule n ° 2: define a budget

Set a budget! These first two fundamental rules make it possible to assess the quality of the chosen work: authenticity, rarity, period, notoriety of the artist…

Rule # 3: trust an art professional

Do not hesitate to communicate with a gallery owner whose vision you like, who will listen to doubts and desires. The gallery owners agree: buying with your heart and your eyes is the first act.

Rule n ° 4: learn about the art market

It is necessary to learn about the world of art and the collection. For this, the information site is educational, it addresses the essential points to take its first steps in the world of collectors.

Rule n ° 5: make your first art purchases in a gallery

It is better at the start to buy in a gallery, even if at the Drouot hotel, sales are open to everyone and all budgets represented. To guide novices, a gazette is online to follow the news of the famous auction room ( or

Rule n ° 6: bet on prints and lithographs

Start by acquiring prints or lithographs. It is a good way to approach renowned artists at reasonable prices. An original lithography with limited edition, despite the multiplicity induced, remains nevertheless a unique work. The authentication of rights holders gives its value to lithography.

Rule n ° 7: buy numbered and signed works

Avoid buying a work in a print too high (beyond 300, this is no longer interesting) and pay attention to the difference between original print and later print. A copy must be signed, dated, numbered and certified.

Rule # 8: surf online art galleries

Today, it is no longer compulsory to survey the auction rooms, as virtual galleries are multiplying, opening up a market reserved for insiders. The phenomenon is a game-changer and creates new vocations for collectors. These virtual galleries are designed to facilitate the approach of novices, the pieces are listed by themes, techniques and budgets.

Rule n ° 9: keep the good addresses of online galleries

Some addresses. The Envie d'art gallery turned the tables a few years ago by demystifying the purchase of works of art. At Place des arts, there are signed lithographs (by Klee or Picasso) and reissues (Kandinsky). For photography enthusiasts, the Verdeau gallery offers collection photos, original prints and artist proofs, such as a vintage print by Robert Doisneau for 400 euros. The rarest prints are those that are contemporary to the shooting.

Rule n ° 10: bet on young artists

We can bet on the future rating of young artists and acquire new works. L'Affiche Moderne, for example, sells limited editions of contemporary illustrators, graphic designers and photographers. At YellowKorner, you can buy a limited edition photograph from 59 euros. Otherwise, the eBay site has a section "arts and antiques", not negligible. > More addresses Place des Arts Art Artprice print: very good site for information on the art market, estimates, Arts Factory auction catalog: good "nomad" gallery, sells collector prints by graphic designers Amoros Art: site dedicated to the original print and objects (a bronze by Cocteau, a poster by Dali) Artcurial: an essential reference. On the site, the Cité des Arts sales calendar: quality online gallery Art and You: very good news site


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