I rebuilt my house all by myself!

I rebuilt my house all by myself!

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Remodeling your home alone from top to bottom is the challenge that Rémi, an engineer, helped by a few relatives, has launched. "When I bought my house in Issy-les-Moulineaux, I was pressed for time since my wife was expecting twins. So I had a great motivation to complete most of the work on time. Helped by my father and friends, I started the work on April 22 and July 30, 85% of the work was done and the house was already habitable. It still made me lose 6 pounds! " "I started by carrying out the plans on Powerpoint. We then started the demolition, which lasted a good week. The house dating from the 1950s, it had a lot of small rooms and it was therefore necessary to knock down partitions to gain Since it had not been inhabited for a long time, there was also a lot of humidity. So we covered the clinker walls with combustion residues of urban waste mixed with cement with tar before isolating with glass wool. On the ground floor, we also redone everything, including the screed. It still required 32 to 35 bags of cement! And for electricity? "By my training, I still had some idea of ​​what to do. I made a very simple general circuit while respecting the safety standards that I found on online sites, in particular that of Legrand. As I had a total of almost 400 meters of electrical cables, I labeled each cable to find my way around it and avoid short circuits. I also tested my connections more than once to verify that everything was working properly. For the plumbing, I was helped a lot by my stepfather but I also found very interesting information on the DIY sheets offered by Leroy Merlin on his online site. During the work, I learned a lot on the job. When changing the original staircase, which was extremely steep, I ended up with a space between the new staircase and the toilet. So I triangulated the structure before filling it with glass wool, which also improved the sound insulation. I regret having chosen floating laminate parquet. If it were to be done again, I would have taken solid oak parquet, much more solid and that we can possibly stain at its convenience. I also realized that in the case of major works, it is better to buy or rent good equipment, which avoids many disappointments. In total, the site will have cost me 15 to 20,000 euros, plus 20,000 euros for the development. "Finally, a relatively modest investment compared to what Rémi would have paid by passing through professionals. To your picks, trowels and hammers!


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