6 internet design radios to end FM

6 internet design radios to end FM

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New devices have appeared in your home: Internet radio receivers. No more spitting FM, long live the internet radios that you will receive via your Internet connection. Connected by wifi (therefore wireless) to your internet modem or "box", these radios will broaden your musical horizon while integrating beautifully into your interior.

Thousands of Internet radio available

Did you know that there are more than 10,000 internet radio stations in the world? These malicious Internet radio stations allow you to access them for free and list them by country and genre, with sometimes even the possibility of downloading programs already broadcast (Podcast). Most often controlled by remote control, they reproduce the sound itself via their speakers or connect to your stereo. In addition, since they are not directly connected to your PC, they do not need it to access the Internet. Listening to the radios is therefore done even with the computer off!

Access music stored on your computer or iPod

Not content with giving you access to radios, these new products allow you for the most part to enjoy in all rooms of the house all of your MP3s stored on your computer. Depending on the characteristics of the model chosen, you can also continue listening to FM, or connect your iPhone or iPod. Some will turn into ultra high tech clock radios!

Retro or modern design?

In order to integrate into your interior, the manufacturers opted for two types of design: the contemporary like Philips and Logitech with clean lines, or a neo-retro, inspired by the transistors of yesteryear (Terratec or Tivoli)

The prices are still high but…

You can equip yourself from around 150-180 euros (Philips NP-1100 and Streamium WAS-6050, Terratec Noxon iRadio). The prices then increase depending on the features and peak for my selection at 649 euros for the Tivoli Networks radio. It is certainly very well designed, beautifully designed but in my opinion still a little expensive. Its price should drop quickly…