Decorative video: A table inspired by nature

Decorative video: A table inspired by nature

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From a simple white service from Alinéa, create a 100% natural table decoration. After strolling in the woods, set the table and accessorize the table with your finds: lichen, pine cones, fir branches, leaves ... Level: easyCompletion time : 1:00 Indicative cost: 28.99 euros Necessary material : - 2 stars with white thorns = 5 euros - Raffia = 4 euros - White floating candles = 2.99 euros - White balls = 2 euros - Sheet of beige gift paper = 1 euro - 6 wooden clothespins = 3 euros - 6 small white candles = 2 euros - Jute ribbon = 2 euros - Pine cones to pick up - Linen fabric to hunt in your wardrobe or in a flea market - Transparent beads = 2 euros - Spray paint with gold paint = 5 euros - 6 pebbles to bring back from your vacation Steps 1: Dress the table - Cover the table with burlap. - Dress with the jute ribbon, the edge of the table by pricking it with needles. - Fold a sheet of gift paper in half to create a table runner. - Place this table runner in the center.Step 2: Accessorize the table - Arrange the fir branches, the pine cones and the lichen on the table runner. - Pinch the small white candles with clothespins and place them near the glasses of each guest. - Put a large candelabra in the center of the table. Tie each branch with raffia. And cap it with a battery-powered blue garland. - Bring light by adding around the white Christmas balls and two large white stars with thorns. - Tie the paper towels with raffia. And place the napkin in the center of each plate, adding a fir branch. - Dramatize the decor of the table with two large transparent cups filled with water and then float several white candles. And arrange them on each side of the table. - Disperse, at the four corners of the table, drops of glasses. The most decorative: Harvest as much of your decor as you like. Alinéa Service Oslo Plates Diameter 26 cm = 10.50 euros Diameter 20.5 cm = 9 euros Syllable glasses = 27 euros Stilea cutlery = 15 euros Lot of paper towels 5.90 euros


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