Animal trophies for nature lovers

Animal trophies for nature lovers

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Made of eco-friendly materials and various colors, these charming animals adapt to all interior styles, for a more real-life effect! Formerly confined to cabinets of curiosities or the homes of hunters, animal trophies are now brought up to date thanks to creators expressing their predatory instincts! Far from stuffed animals and other animal relics, the 21st century-style bestiary, made from ecological materials, is modern and fun. It was through the child's bedroom that the trophy first entered our homes. With soft and colorful materials, these funny animals brighten up the lair of our blond heads. Anne Claire Petit thus imagines deer heads of all colors made with crochet (91 euros). But the adults are not outdone and the animal trophy is gradually declined in more refined forms, suitable for our salons. In wood, papier mache, or plastic, these charming animals adapt to various types of interiors. AM.PM thus offers for La Redoute the Wild trophy (deer head) in wooden strips to assemble yourself (140 euros). In a savannah style and coming from South Africa, you will find giraffes, elephants or even zebras in the Trophéa collection available on the site (156 euros). These creations of the African Melvin Malaka are made of white paper and only by hand. And for those who like to be scared, robotic hunting trophies (4,000 euros) created by France Cadet and only marketed in art galleries, react to movement and are ready to roar as soon as you pass… Striking! Finally, if you want to personalize your trophy, nothing prevents you from creating it yourself thanks to two plywood boards, a saw, and some drawing skills!


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