Napkin folding: The abaca napkin ring

Napkin folding: The abaca napkin ring

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Discover and play with abaca, a new and noble material in vogue ... These natural fibers with a "raw" appearance are very easy to handle and allow you to dare a multitude of creations: napkin rings or table decorations, It's your turn.

What you need for the abaca napkin ring

- 1 towel folded in four (which you can find on - 1 piece of 20 cm abaca strip (to order here) - 1 piece of satin ribbon of about 50 cm (to order here ) - 1 stapler

The creation of the napkin ring in photos

Step 1

Gather the necessary items: 1 towel folded in four, 1 piece of 20 cm abaca tape, 1 piece of satin ribbon about 50 cm, 1 stapler.

2nd step

Form a circle with the abaca strip then staple the 2 edges to form the napkin ring.

Stage 3

Roll up the towel and slide it inside the napkin ring.

Step 4

Make 2 turns with the satin ribbon around the napkin ring and then tie it on top. Let the 2 ends of the ribbon protrude.

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