Napkin folding: the cutlery holder

Napkin folding: the cutlery holder

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A simple colored paper towel is enough to make this fold. A beautiful way to present the cutlery for a table out of the ordinary. And yet all of this is very simple to do: just follow the steps.

What you need to make the cutlery holder towel:

- 1 towel folded in four (which you can find on www.maplusbelledeco.com)

Folding in photos

Step 1

What you need: 1 towel folded in four.

2nd step

Open the towel lengthwise.

Stage 3

Fold the first pan in half over the entire length.

Step 4

Turn the whole thing over.

Step 5

Fold the left half by bringing the lower outside corner towards the central fold to form a triangle.

Step 6

Do the same with the right side.

Step 7

Fold the left part back on itself (towards the central fold).

Step 8

Repeat this movement with the right part.

Step 9

Turn the whole thing over. All you have to do is slide your cutlery into the 2 slots.

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