Very decorative graffiti

Very decorative graffiti

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From the street to the house, there is only one step! At first considered as a sign of degradation, graffiti became street art, adorning and decorating the walls of our cities. Today, he invites himself into our apartments and dresses our walls. Militant, he stays in the house: it becomes a place of personal expression.

Artistic graffiti

Badly perceived for a long time and rather synonymous with public degradation, graffiti has transformed in several respects into real street art. The designers began to use their talent more as a free expression than a clandestine one. The challenge appears as a challenge; whether sentences or frescoes, creations are often made in record time and must be visible from a distance. In Dieppe, for example, a plant initiative covers the 300 square meter wall with a wasteland along the railroad tracks. The graffiti artists thus produced magnificent drawings of flowers and plants in the style of 19th century botanists. An unusual theme in graffiti that shows the evolution of this trend!

Artist graffiti

Thus, graffiti artists entered the house to decorate the walls and the graffiti took on a very decorative dimension. Miss Tic for example, of which you have certainly seen the recognizable graffiti on the facades of buildings, has teamed up with the Beach adhesive editor. Her stencil-printed silhouettes of women are now available as stickers to stick on the walls of your interior. 6 models are available in two different formats, sold from 29.95 (at Leroy Merlin for example).

Decorative graffiti

Street art also enters the house with the company Tag and Wall which declines graffiti in an urban chic style. His wall stickers are made by graffiti artists. You can even have painted frescoes painted directly on your walls. And to go even further in personalization, décospray offers to produce your graffiti on demand. Finally, graffiti also creeps into household linen thanks to Françoise Dubost who, in collaboration with graffiti artists Nodit and Vecto, declines graffiti in her range of bathroom linen entitled "Bath paint". Pink, white and black, the line is chic and sober. The "trick" in addition: the bathroom linen is sold in cans of paint!


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