Skating an old fashioned dresser (video)

Skating an old fashioned dresser (video)

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You all have an old chest of drawers at home, which is practical for storage but not always harmonized with your decor. Coordinate it without buying a new one but by customizing it! A simple and inexpensive solution to give it a second life and always more style. An appointment that we give each month. This month, we suggest you transform a basic chest of drawers in raw wood from Ikea into a chest of drawers with an old patina for a country house spirit. S toep deco: An old-fashioned patinated chest Level: easy Completion time (excluding drying time): 1h30 Indicative cost = 39.95 euros Necessary material : - 1 jar of cherry-tinted wax = 10 euros - 0.5 l of white paint = 12 euros - 0.5 l of gray paint = 12 euros - Silver color spray = 5.95 euros - 1 sponge - 1 brush - 1 cloth Steps 1: Paint the dresser - Unscrew the handles - Apply a roller of gray paint on the whole chest of drawers - Leave to dry for 2 hours - Pass the second color using the technique of wiping paint. Using a sponge soaked in white paint, "wipe" the dresser Step 2: Aging the dresser - Aging each handle by sanding them with fine-grained sandpaper and bending them, silver color - Leave to dry for 2 hours - Take a little cherry-tinted wax with a cloth and pass over the entire dresser - Screw each handle back onto the dresser Step 3: Reinforce the aged effect - Take a little cherry-tinted wax with the tip of a brush - Insist well on the edges to accentuate the weathered effect as well as on the handles and screws - Leave to dry for 2 hours Tip: It is possible to skate your dresser with several shades: taupe, blue or red are just as decorative. The technique is the same, just choose two fairly close shades of paint, which you superimpose.


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