Clever ideas for hanging your keys

Clever ideas for hanging your keys

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Stop looking for your keys, we have the solution for the most dizzy of you! Here is our selection of colorful and design key hooks, a very decorative smart object in an entrance hall. Absolument Design has imagined several key hooks: a magnetic object where to magnetize its keys, a support on which each key is associated with a color, and a very practical memo board to remember what each key opens. At Cerise sur le déco, your keys will be scratched with ribbons with multicolored circles. Finally, offers a female or male key hook so as not to confuse its keys. Slide them into a slot where they will magically hold at Atylia. For the most classic of you, on the La Chaise Longue website, discover a wall key box decorated with a pretty evocative key. All you have to do is find your key tag!


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