Tripod lamps: how to integrate them into your decoration?

Tripod lamps: how to integrate them into your decoration?

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Indispensable light source, the lamp has become a highly desirable design object. We love the elegance of the tripod model which is available in all styles, provided you make the right choices of color, material and shape.

Recognizable thanks to its 3 feet which make up its base, the tripod lamp is a safe bet. It takes up more floor space than a lamp or halogen style light, but it is also a major decorative element in your interior.

The room that is most suitable for installing a tripod lamp is the living room. Installed next to a sofa or in a corner of the room, it diffuses a soft light but powerful enough to light your interior.

You can also install a tripod lamp in an office, opting for a chic or Scandinavian model. This brings an elegant touch to the decoration of this room, often more practical than pretty.

The tripod lamp of Scandinavian inspiration, which adapts to any interior (or almost)

With its wooden base and its plain lampshade, the tripod lamp of Scandinavian inspiration with the advantage of integrating very easily into your interior.

The ideal location for this lamp remains the living room, with a very classic Scandinavian decoration. To bring a little fantasy to the whole, you can opt for a lampshade with a herringbone or floral print.

If you have a large enough bedroom, you can install a tripod lamp in a corner of it. It cannot be used as a bedside lamp, but can light up a dressing area for example. Favor a bulb with a rather weak light, to create a dim light, favorable for the room. Opt instead for a tripod lamp with a cream or white lampshade, much more discreet than a colored lampshade.

An industrial-inspired tripod lamp for a modern interior

The tripod lamp can quite find its place in an industrial-inspired decoration, loft type. For this, favor models in wired metal. These lamps are mostly black in color.

Inspired by the lamps of photographers, studios of yesteryear or even by metals, the tripod lamps of industrial inspiration are perfect for the decoration of a loft or an office (even in business).

This type of lamp combines perfectly with a red brick wall, to create a certain contrast in your interior, but also with materials such as raw wood and leather.

In a large industrial room, you can have two cinema spot tripod lamps or photographer on either side of the bed. The light will be very direct, but by opting for low-light bulbs, it will not be too aggressive upon waking.

Don't overload your interior with several industrial-inspired tripod lamps. Better to buy one that has its small effect, than to accumulate this type of light, at the risk of having the impression of living in a photo studio.

A tripod lamp to place, for small spaces

Do you love tripod lamps but have a small floor space? Here is a solution that should allow you to succumb to your decorative desires without having to live in a crowded space!

In recent years, tripod lamps are also available in a "table lamp" or "bedside lamp" version. They exist in all styles, from industrial to Scandinavian, including more vintage models. You can thus arrange them on a sideboard in a living room, to create an additional light.

This type of light can also find its place in an office or a children's room. Their size also allows them to transform into a bedside lamp. On a bedside table, a chest of drawers or even placed on the floor, they bring a modern-chic touch to the bedroom.


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