Which light fixtures to choose for the bedroom?

Which light fixtures to choose for the bedroom?

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Bedroom lighting is often mistakenly considered the third wheel of the carriage, long after the choice of paint and furniture. The decoration of the room, but also its functional aspect, are in fact very strongly influenced by the choice of lighting fixtures that will illuminate this room. Suspension, lampshade, recessed spotlight, designer table lamp, lantern, Japanese ball ... The choice is vast. Fortunately, our decorating advice is there to enlighten you!

  • 1. Main lighting: pendant lights and ceiling lamps
  • 2. Ambient lighting: the floor lamp
  • 3. Bedside lighting: bedside lamps and sconces
  • 4. The lighting of the dressing room: the built-in spotlight, superstar of the dressing room?

In the bedroom, we generally create a cozy atmosphere, a cozy atmosphere conducive to relaxation. We opt instead for a warm light, unless our walls are painted in color. In this case, it is preferable to opt for neutral lighting which will make it possible to enhance each shade of color. Lastly, it is important to multiply the sources of lighting, according to the needs which differ throughout the day and the evening. The exposure of the room will also be decisive in the choice of lighting, depending on whether it is exposed to the north or south, the lighting needs will be more or less significant. In addition to a pendant lamp or a ceiling lamp, it is supplemented by additional lighting with a floor lamp and wall or bedside lamps. Bulb level, opt for LEDs. Slightly more expensive to buy, their lifespan is much longer and their consumption is less energy-consuming than conventional bulbs.

Main lighting: pendant lights and ceiling lamps

Choosing a ceiling light can quickly turn into a puzzle as there are so many! But you will choose your pendant light according to the way you have chosen to decorate your room. So, choose a metal pendant for an industrial decor, a rattan pendant for a bohemian chic decor or a Japanese ball for a romantic bedroom. The prices vary enormously, the budget which you wish to devote to it will also help you in your choice, one can spend a few tens to a few hundred euros for a single luminaire. If you are lucky enough to live in an apartment or a house that has high ceilings, you can opt for a light fitting adapted to the volumes, there are very beautiful rooms, real works of art, which nicely dress up the space. . If on the contrary, your ceilings are low, you will have to opt for a more discreet suspension. The main thing is to respect the proportions according to the size of your room, the height of your ceiling. Finally, be aware that the ceiling lamp is not a mandatory step. If this is a fairly well-established habit in French homes, the use of ceiling lights is however very rare or even non-existent in Scandinavian homes. They favor a multitude of small light sources, much softer for the eyes, than a single, main light source. And this applies to all parts! Why don't you switch to Scandinavian fashion? The bedroom is the ideal room to create a subdued atmosphere and more subdued lighting. Just be sure to install a floor lamp near your wardrobe, so as not to go to the office dressed as a harlequin ...

Choose a pendant lamp that diffuses a soft light

Ambient lighting: the floor lamp

Perfect in a corner, next to a cozy armchair for a reading corner, next to a desk or a dressing table, the floor lamp will allow you to diffuse an ambient light and to light up to read, work, you make up ... Prefer floor lamps with a large enough shade so that they can light up and down the room. Some designer table lamps, such as the famous Arco, have a lampshade perforated with a thousand small holes, which will project a diffused and dimmed light towards the top of your room and a more precise and bright light on the space you want to light. . Without going so far as to spend such a sum, you will find many other much more accessible lamps inspired by this piece of design. In any case, do not overlook the importance of a good floor lamp in a bedroom. Place carefully, it will really be able to enlarge the spaces and will be a real decorative element in your room.

A floor lamp can light up the office area, the reading area, the beauty area or even serve as a bedside lamp

Bedside lighting: table lamps, lanterns, night lights and sconces

To be able to read a book or knit without disturbing your partner, you install on each side of the bed a traditional table lamp, a wall light, a bare hanging light bulb, a lantern or even an old LED. The current trend is directed towards small hanging lamps or bare bulbs hanging on each side of the bed. The advantage of this bias, in addition to the fact that the decor is aerial, is a space saving. Indeed, we do not always have the space to install bedside tables when we have a small bedroom and / or a large queen or king size bed! If you have enough space, consider buying a beautiful designer table lamp or a pretty lantern. These little decor ideas fit particularly well with a mid-century decor for the first or a boho for the second. Obviously, the bedside lamps are installed at eye level, the bulbs will have to provide a light white light to be able to read without tiring the eyes.

A bedside lamp for everyone!

Wardrobe lighting: the built-in spotlight, a wardrobe superstar?

If you are one of the lucky ones who have a dressing room in their bedroom, it is important to light it well. We will go to LEDs, spots to be built in or fixed to see the interior of the dressing room. What could be more annoying than seeing nothing in the closet and looking for your clothes blindly… If you have a mirror in your bedroom, you can surround it with an LED garland, the effect will be Hollywood! Otherwise opt for visible light bulbs with an artist's dressing room ... Success guaranteed!

For dressing room lighting, opt for spotlights or LEDs