Cozy cocoon: decorative selection for a romantic bedroom

Cozy cocoon: decorative selection for a romantic bedroom

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Do you want a cozy and romantic atmosphere in your room? Soft cushions, soft armchair, light feather pendant lights, decorative accessories ... Here is the ideal selection for your cozy little cocoon.

Lot of 6 Champagne flutes, € 17.91 *, Secret de Gourmet

Whether you have something to celebrate or for a lovely romantic evening, this batch of Champagne flutes is just perfect for a toast for two in front of your favorite movie. Health!

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Wine or Champagne ice bucket, € 44.90 *, Laguiole

What would a good Champagne be without its ice bucket? This elegant stainless steel bucket will be perfect for keeping your bottle cool during your romantic evening.

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Gray faux fur cushion, € 15 *, Ifilhome

Bring a cozy and romantic touch in your bedroom with this soft imitation fur cushion ... that you will bring it with you to the living room for a TV evening as we like!

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Romantic chest of drawers in gray wood, € 389 *, Pierimport

This pretty gray wooden dresser will allow you to store your clothes with care while bringing a romantic atmosphere to your room. All that's missing is a bouquet of flowers and voila.

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Feather pendant light, € 99.90 *, Vita

This light pendant is made with real goose feathers, placed on a paper and steel structure. It will allow you to diffuse a dim light in the room, perfect for a romantic atmosphere.

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Set of 3 feather wall decorations, € 99.90 *, Jolipa

Add softness to your room by opting for a minimalist wall decoration. These fine feathers will do the trick for a relaxing atmosphere.

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Duvet cover, € 81.52 *, Homemaison

After a hard day, immerse yourself in a gentle bath with this duvet cover in natural fiber. Impossible to resist its black serrated detail stitched on a thin strip of pink satin.

Toad armchair with gray padded backrest, € 89.95 *, Pierimport

Is there a little something missing to add the final touch to your romantic bedroom? Combine business with pleasure with this attractive, soft padded accent chair in gray velvet. We validate! You haven't found your happiness? Here to discover all our products for the bedroom! img id = "235699" / Prices noted on the site on 03/16/2018, subject to change based on commercial offers.


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