The perfect picnic kit

The perfect picnic kit

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The sunny days have settled in, the desire for a picnic is stronger than ever! At the water's edge, in your garden or in the middle of nature, you need to bet on the essentials and the right accessories so that your picnic is chic and very successful. Here is the perfect kit in four essential points!

A nice basket to take your picnic

The weather is good, all the lights are green to organize your picnic, with friends or family. You need a woven wicker basket, old-fashioned, for storing lunch and dishes. Choose a practical model in which everything fits to avoid multiplying the containers to be transported. Provide a bag or a bottle holder, a flexible insulated cooler to keep liquids and some products cool. Finally a thermos to keep the coffee warm or on the contrary a cold iced tea.

As classic as it is essential, the wicker basket is for all picnics!

Tableware as aesthetic as practical for picnics

Who says chic picnic, says non-disposable dishes. Especially if you are a fan of outdoor lunches and want to take care of them. There is no question of taking your grandmother's service, rather think of melamine tableware, which has the advantage of being light and resistant, in addition to bringing color. Or even acrylic plates and glasses which have the same advantages. On the cutlery side, apart from the steel set, with fork and nestable knives, provide a knife that cuts well, of the Opinel type with retractable blade, and a lemonade tree, the famous model of corkscrew incorporating a bottle opener, two essentials that tend to be forgotten.

A magnificent melamine tableware for the kings of the picnic.

A tablecloth and napkins to brighten up your summer snack

For lunches on the grass, and even in the sand, you never leave without a tablecloth . For a country atmosphere, opt for gingham tiles, stripes or ethnic patterns. Prefer a coated tablecloth, an oilcloth, or even a woven mat, so that you can wash them easily. For moments of relaxation, add a plaid or two, or even soft floor mats for a nap. Towel side, opt for the roll of detachable and washable towels, which will not fly away at the first gust of wind.

A pretty tablecloth placed on the grass and we are outside like at home!

Decorative accessories for a comfortable picnic

Without falling into the full panoply of table and chair, a picnic can be comfortable with a few practical and space-saving accessories. A foldable tray will be perfect as a centerpiece. You may be able to place plates to share and glasses. On the other hand, for the comfort of the guests, do not ignore the cushions , they will be very useful also at the time of the nap! Either classic cushions with integrated handle, or slightly thicker floor cushions, to sit on, especially if the floor is hard. Do not forget your parasol if you are not sure of finding a corner in the shade, this will allow to place away from the cooler and thermos sun, or to shelter one or two guests without a hat.

For a cozy picnic, we invite the cushions!